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Welcome to The Educator Beat

I decided to create a special education teacher support group. I goal is to provide a place where educators who work with and teach special education students can come together to support, network, and provide guidance for those in need. Special education laws and policies may continue to change, but the one thing that doesn’t is the love that educators have for helping children to move forward! 
I hope you will check out the group and respond to the questions regarding how reevaluations, initial evaluations, and mentor training are done in your school district.
Look for the group on LinkedIn..
Search SPED Teacher Support: A professional, positive, networking group dedicated to promoting positive mentors,leadership, and advice for all teachers who dedicate their careers to teaching students with special needs.
What is this web site? What makes this blog different from every other site?
To start off, this blog is solely dedicated to educators! 
My number one goal is to promote positive support, help, and guidance to educators across the electronic waves. 
The second goal is to blog about issues and trends that I have been seeing and bring about conversations for the greater good. 
My third goal is to be able to help students! How is that possible on a web site? Well, my thought is simple. Educators+current tips and trends=student success!

Will this blog be perfect? No, nothing ever is.  Will I make blunders or perhaps put up information that may upset readers? Possibly.  Is it the goal to upset readers?  NO! The purpose is to shed light on issues or news that is going on, either positive or negative. Sparking conversations, sharing tips of the trade, and highlighting positive mentorship in the field. 

Have news or tips that you would like to share for the good of all? Do you like what you see?  email me and let me know! Share this web site with your friends and pass the word!  

Have critical thoughts or news to share about education for the good of all? Email me and let me know! All I ask is that you apply the rule of kindness and let me know your constructive criticism in a thoughtful way that will benefit all those reading! Have links that you want to see posted? 
Know of Teacher or Public Sector discounts?
Have tips or advice for students or educators of all age groups?
Email me your links and some background information to share with others!
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